Monday, January 12, 2009

usa 2008: boston

how we ended up in boston? Despite already packing in too much into our short two week vacation, i wanted to explore somewhere on the east coast that i've never been to! so we randomly ran our fingers over the map and landed in boston. which worked out perfectly because all three cities were so near to each other yet so vastly different! we stumbled into the metropolitan NYC that never has a quiet moment, the country-side cosy williamsburg with huge houses and huge cubic shopping malls of choice and then the little town of boston & cambridge which we have fallen in love with in merely two days!   

what a relief! such a simple map compared to Manhattan!

the cutest guesthouse.. it was perched at third level overlooking a chapel, a long road with bare trees with snowflakes and minutes away from the city centre, p.f.changs, coldstones and barnes&nobles!!! it was round the corner from an amazing breakfast nook and along the same street as a popular salsa bar! daniel's mum was right when she recommended this place to us way back in october! it was perfect in more than one ways!!

our cute little dining corner which instantly turned into our clothesline... *tsk* asians! 

inconspicuously hidden in the corner, this shop is the bomb! they serve delicious griddlecakes, turkey hash and amazing chicken soup..

and alot like the little chinatown hole-in-the-wall we frequent for the best lamien and guotie, you have to line outside in a queue to enter, share tables and leave when you're done with your meal! no fancy decor inside just pictures of odd horror-flick celebrities and newspaper articles yellowed from age!! how amusing..

beautiful lake in the middle of boston commons. i sat at the bank throwing sticks and random bits and pieces on the ice and met violent objections when i wanted to ice-skate. (boo..)

hilarious! check out how tubby this squirrel is! he even has a cleavage!!

methinks daniel is trying to tell me something when he took his picture... not very subtle, darling.

and took a whole bunch of fun shots here! (maybe to incorporate into our engagement cards! which we're still cracking our heads if we should send!!!) ah well, grown up decisions! *le sigh*

yummiest brunch! thanks for the recommendations,[info]shannokee!!!

one day, darling, one day! :)

and because i love superzoom close up shots like this...

YIKES! every single imperfection, clogged pore and wrinkle!!! 



  1. who cares abt your imperfections!
    your red coat is pretty..
    and can u make a note of your itinerary for future references? haha..

  2. I CARE!! ok i only have myself to blame though. everytime i read about your skincare routine, facials, etc, i run and hide cos im TERRIBLE!!!
    yes! our itineraries are all in spreadsheets with addresses, numbers & websites! :) so let me know when go to boston, sweets!


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