Wednesday, January 14, 2009

usa 2008: the big apple revisited

we hopped onto the train back into penn station on the 29th hoping to catch glimpses of the ball dropping at times square! but reality check! we ain't really the hardy and patient type so when we found out that we'd have to start queuing in the 'mosh-pit' from 12 noon, with no toilets and no food stalls, in the freezing cold!?! you must be insane.. 

so we decided that this is our last visit to Times Square on the 30th and swore never again cos we spend 20 mins walking past ONE block cos of the human traffic.  
i was so antsy i had to start picking at lint off my coat!

goodbye, ole pal!

and popped in to see rockerfella & the huge swarovski tree..

and the ice-skating rink at Central Park..

i would give up an arm and leg to have this view from my Park Ave apartment! strut around in my stilettos to walk my chihuahua at central park, deck my spawns in oestentatious burberry coats and fluffy mink and pick up some daily necessities from Bergdorf goodman.... *dreams* maybe one day, when i grow up and when daniel sells his soul to some huge-ass law firm and work so hard i'd never see him ever!!! on hindsight.. maybe im ok the way we are now..

eating at Sea (brooklyn).. alex's fav thai food joint.

daniel's latest obsession (cheese fries with bacon) and refillable coca cola..

and for THAT reason, honey, we are NOT going to move to the states.. our arteries were bursting thanks to the insanely scrummy american food!! (and their portions! enough to feed a platoon of hungry 18-yr-old men!)

and after going through many plans, we found a salsa party in brooklyn and spent the first half of the evening chilling with our friends at home. that was the plan until someone brought sing star over to alex's place.. and that was it... we spent new year eve in NYC watching the ball drop on TV! yikes how lame.. and caught bits of fireworks from the window overlooking brooklyn bridge.. *coughs*LOSER*coughs* but we were with our friends..

gabby, the reigning singstar champ...

rock band expert, tom & the very beautiful yeva

daniel, the new singstar champ..

happy new year again from us! :)


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