Wednesday, January 7, 2009

usa 2008: back in the burg!!!

ahhh.. felt so superb to be home! from the moment we touched down in Richmond Airport and got picked up by our limo driver (complimentary from TNT), it was perfect.. i could not stop pointing out the most mundane things. like my favorite gas station that made the best sandwiches, the horse races, the silly names of roads, my exit on the highway to work.. just non-stop random chatter for the entire 2 hour ride.. poor limo driver!!

williamburg is the historical town of USA, where the first settlers built their colonial towns, etc. so very rich in culture and history. and i wanted to share that with daniel so i told brought him to Patrick Henry MALL! :) and ate cheese fries at Cheddars which was ginormous and extremely yummy! and got daniel hooked onto it. then realized that we were awfully late for our little christmas gathering at John&Maribel's home.

it was so lovely seeing the lovely hosts, Jill & Nancy BUT we forgot to unload the camera gear from the car and it was all so warm and cosy that we forgot to take photos! till today, im so upset!! but i guess it mean i'd have to work extra hard at remembering it. we were treated to some amazing southern home cooking and eating with their beautiful fine china in the dining room... daniel was so fascinated that he is inspired to build a cosy home like theirs with so many little memoriabilia and pictures to mark every milestone in their lives. then agian, they have been married for 52 years with grandkids and all so naturally, they have more memories!! but one day!!

whisked by in the car to see the Mills!~ :) still looking the same..

view overlooking james river from the 8th hole on bray landings.. this was our only stop as it was SUPER cold so we did a wussy drive though! and chanced upon my old car in the parking lot!! haha what a coincidence..

then with a few hours to play around with, i thought i bring daniel to my favorite store (and i use that word so loosely it does not mean a thing!)- Yankee Candle Factory. it's this amazing standalone store of all sorts of fantastic candle scent and one of burg's best hidden secrets is their christmas section. all year round christmas tunes, baubles, fake snow indoors complete with santa's workshop, star-studded sky, a truly uplifting experience even in the heat of summer.. BUT we drove all the way there and FELL ASLEEP IN OUR CAR IN THE PARKING LOT!!! 

we were really still fighting the jetlag and our bodies confused by the winter daylight saving times but seriously who falls asleep in a rented car in the parking lot of the most amazing candle emporium. such wimps..

the "ho's are coming to town" party at Paul's.

the evite was so darn cute!! and it was so much fun seeing everyone again at the famous college pub for cheap beers, cheese fries and loud music. it was a merry-go-round of insane conversation that was so much fun but at the same time sad cos how do you catch up with a year of events in 10 mins, right?.. and because he was also doing the roulette like me, i missed talking to kortezzy!!

i was moving around so much that i literally left daniel alone with strangers but i knew he did good when across the bar i hear lorreine yell "mommy! wow, you did good!!" and seconds later, heard the girls shrieking "OMG! he has an australian accent!!" hilarious!! but it was a evening full of inappropriate finger sucking ("woah, watever!"), engagement rings, preggie mommy talk and non-stop beer... and saying bye was as bad as before as most of them had to leave town for holiday plans with their families.. ah well, c'est la vie. im sure we'll pick up when we left off the next time we visit!

i don't know what i did to deserve friends like that. but im one lucky girl.

once again, no pictures for the evening cos daniel forgot!! must have been overwhelmed by my insane friend's interrogation. but he got stamp of approval from all of them so well worth it! 

thanks for reading my blog! :) x


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