Tuesday, January 13, 2009

those damn hormones..

i was already not little miss sunshine to start with.

daniel left for cambodia at 5am. have not spoken about it much. my usual "don't look there and it won't happen" theory did not quite apply but it has been on the cards for ages! so im quite surprised he managed to push it off till now. so my boo will be in cambodia for 6 months. and yes, i can already hear the giggles cos what's six months right? some people go through years of long distance relationship! PLUS 2 hour flight is not quite long distance, you reckon?

PLUS, mocha fell ill again. him and his perennial eczema causing the family much worry & sadness..his multiple visits to the doctor has left him patchy, scabby and sometimes bald (and us very poor..). and yesterday when he was out on his doctor's appointment with dad and mum, pokki sat at the door pacing to and fro whinging and crying for the whole afternoon. it was so sad..

THEN one of my client asked for a SAMPLE THANK YOU SPEECH IN MANDARIN. and before my reputation as a wedding planner is maimed, i don't ever say no to my client. but its a god damnned thank you speech for your parents. don't you think you can manage a few personal notes to your nearest and dearest without assistance?? would you like me to hire help to read the sample thank you speech on behalf of you? it was just very sad.. so i sat there, mid-day mid-way through my pile of work and broke down. just fyi, i blame the hormones. for the record, we did send him one eventually. (shame on us..)

mocha the gangsta caught gnawing on the neighbour dog's bone... *sigh*
get well soon, bugger.


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