Friday, January 23, 2009

tagged by stef and only cos i love her so much..

4 things i did today

went prop-shopping

rolled a huge watermelon home from the market for chinese new year! 

looked at wedding websites and made 3 moodboards for clients

had lovely mee jam kway with red bean

4 things to-do (short term)

find a way to make it to hawaii for easter to meet both my brothers

buy daniel a necklace so he can wear his engagement band round his neck when he races (note: i did not suggest any of the above ideas)

think about our wedding *slap forehead*


4 guilty guilties

my blog

my aunt's superlicious pineapple tart. (did i mentioned we're having a tart showdown at carol's in a week?!)

my shoes

4 randoms

unless specifically told not to, im always in a dress/skirt.

my brother wants 7 kids. OMG

i don't eat ikan bilis head, especially when they're floating in soup.. yuck.

it disturbs me that daniel's driver shares the same name as my arthritis meds.


  1. of course love! looking forward to your response.
    haha im meant to tag four people so i tag you!


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