Friday, January 23, 2009

project get hawt - revisited..

following our solemn oaths to stick to our new year resolutions, (which specifically reads : go yoga ONCE a week..) we stepped into the studio for the first time in MONTHS! *sigh* and boy did our body scream bloody murder.. but the instructor was excellent (colette) and so patient with all of us in class. i like post-yoga shower, it feels like i've just stepped out of the hot sauna.. yums!

when daniel returns this weekend, we're hitting the pool, macritchie and the dance floor.

then we'd be all ready for a restful day of delicious pineapple tarts, delightful puffs and juicy bah kwa!! ooo i can't wait! :)

can't believe that all my hard work will go to nothing come monday!!


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