Friday, January 30, 2009

my little boohoos.

let it out once and for all. i really am bad at long distance relationship. i've been struggling with it since the beginning of the year and as we come to the end of month 1, im still not too excited about it.

firstly, its not about being lonely or bored because im even busier than ever with work, with organizing my stuff and hanging with my friends but i think the problem is with communicating. i don't do phone calls very well. i dislike hmm-ing and ahh-ing on the phone. the minute there is silence, i want to hang up just to cut the uncomfortable silence. *grr* i am also very intolerant to bad phonelines. and that just can't be helped...

and yes, im impatient. yes, i give things up too easily. yes, he already flies home everyweekend. yes, if i don't want to work, i don't have to. yes, cambodia is better than timbaktu. yes i already know, thank you very much. it still does not change the fact that it sucks to be away.

tonight, i was very bitchy. i had a lovely day & watched 'brides war' which i loved, pottered over to little india to purchase international calling card and got REALLY pissed when i found out $12 only gets me 36 minutes. you must be kidding me!! i get 13 times as much if i were calling india! got so mad that i couldn't talk about my $0 air tickets that i scored, couldn't talk about the movie i enjoyed so much...

*grits teeth* 15 weeks away...



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