Monday, January 5, 2009

cherish yesterday, dream tomorrow, live today!

hello there, 2009.

sweeties, how was your holidays?! i wish you all the bestest life can offer.. what are your resolutions?

we sat in the cutest tea room, tealuxe (excellent recommendation from shanny) and wrote down on long list of 2009 resolutions. figured what better place to write it than the hometown of harvard and MIT, intelligent brains and lovely creme-brule tea!! just a few striking wishes from my longass list!

- be the best wedding planner any girl can wish for.
- a great girlfriend, daughter and friend
- send personal and beautiful stationery
- marvelous finds, fantastic trips & delectable dinners
- eat healthy, love lots and be happy!

and for all that, im thankful that i have so much to work on. and so many blessing to count every single day. may 2009 bring forth endless joy, giggles and hugs!

work quest for today: wipe chinatown out of all BLUE parasols..


  1. Happy 2009!!!
    babe when r u coming back?!!!! and please post more pretty pixies!!! makes me wanna go NYC toooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

  2. Re: Happy 2009!!!
    im back darlin!! :) yes NYC is pretty you should go too!!
    p.s. i've got pressie for you so you MUST meet meee...

  3. Re: Happy 2009!!!
    ahahaha...i'll meet you even if not for the present!!! i wanna see the rock!!!! ah boy was gushing about the size...

  4. Re: Happy 2009!!!
    ah boy is exagerrating as usual! :) but yes let me know when you're free darling!


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