Saturday, December 6, 2008

weekend round-up : dec 2008

has been a crazily exciting week. life seem to have gone full-steam in the last quarter and it seems like its not coming to a halt till i leave for New York! ;p but i am (my company is too..) very blessed to still have weddings flowing in for this year, next and even 2010! three cheers for love, romance and all that fluff!

also this week, i bumped into old friend, angel at flair! (gift shop along erskine road!) funny how coincidental it was cos we met at Scarlet working behind the front desk! :) lost touch for years when i was in switz and states but just pick up where we left off! spend a good two hour catching up, giggling over silly friends and shopping in her lovely shop (definitely worth checking out! many girlie treats!) which she goes shopping for! thats what i call a dream job man! shopping with others money AND gift wrapping for the whole day!
on top of that, i've had some time to work on a secret project for the family.. but of course they read my blog. so i guess its still hush hush till then! but between that and coordinating daniel's movers & cleaners, little home crafty projects and spring-cleaning to make wardrobe space for dearly beloved and of course my full time job, i must say my domestic/nurturing/naggy limit has been stretched to the max. and still, no holiday greeting cards ready to be sent!! *grrr*


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