Thursday, December 18, 2008

mum's party: the thrills and frills..

mum's birthday party! better to talk about it while its still fresh in my memory! couldn't have pull this together without the help of a few precious people!

1) my dad was wonderful! despite being the busiest man in town, he still managed to pull together all my requests, however random. and i've never seen him put in so much thought into a project.. despite his multiple huge-ass international projects, my mum's photo montage was given the most thought... it was especially touching to see him stay up late at night to test run the video multiple times and re-do the montage cos the timing didn't coincide with the beat of the song! i think this beats any gift anyone can purchase! i was thoroughly impressed.

2) my lovely boyfriend! he's the bomb. he went through my floor plans, my dessert options, my design concepts, my props critically and helped me sort them out. after a long week in cambodia, he was on the receiving end of all my curt instructions to do this, and that and while you're at it, do you mind helping me move this! ;) and on top of it all, took lovely pictures of the entire party! no wonder he scored major points with my mum and her friends!

3) jingerbelle & yingjie: who woke up bright and early on saturday morning and plough through the messy greens and floral to help me run the whole show! you have no clue how wonderful both of you are! im a nazi at work and am not the nicest person when busy.. i would have quit on me. but they did not! at the end of a long day, still look ravishing for the party! :) thanks heaps!!!

on to the party!!! the theme was green & gardeny cos mum's fav color is lime green.. and i figured easier to go with a colour theme for dressing purposes!

our version of parking coupons so the guest cars won't get parking tickets..

long table runners & buckets of flowers, thanks to anna! :)

happy bright green paper lanterns to dress up the front yard..

yes.. i know, not green! but my 50cents target flowering can HAD to make an appearance...

 green and white striped orchids adorned with a little victorian lace! tres cute! 

daniel's juicer made his party debut and ploughed through near to (50) green apples! yums..

a very pleased and surprised mummy! :) 

the beautiful jingerbelle and our ceiling-full of balloons.. the silver twirls made an insane backdrop for pictures...

and the ice-cream man swung by for desserts! :) these kids and uncle were best buds.. (all on sugar high..)

my semi-pro saxophonist uncle did a short set for my mum..

the ladies approved...

and the dancefloor was open! (lucky daniel and his first dance with the lady of the night!)..

on a party high! :)

and my lovely cousins! :) 

it was so much fun and doubled up as my christmas party with the family because we're leaving for wintry new york this weekend which means we'll miss the whole christmas do and new year countdown.. boohoo!! i hate being left out.

happy birthday again, mum! i hope you loved it..



  1. Wow.. what a lovely party!!! you pple did a great job! the decoration is abolutely beautiful, your dad is incredibly sweet, and the pictures daniel took! i esp love the pic of table runners and your buckets of beautiful flowers!!
    everyone look great at the party, and your mom is looking super radiant! a hip and beautiful mom! :D

  2. hi there,
    jsut a passerby and cldnt help but notice ur nice photos!
    may i ask which dslr u're using? :)

  3. hey darl! it's sooooooooooo pretty!!!! =) greens and white. classic =D

  4. hi darl,
    we use a Nikon D 80. :) thanks for your compliments!

  5. thanks babe.. :) yeah my mum is beautiful..

  6. headache over the lime green for a while.. but im glad i toned the green down! :)
    happy christmas my love!!

  7. she was raving about it in day! :) so its well worth it..

  8. awesome party
    just a passrby. cant help seeing the family have such a good time.
    some priceless moments of joy and happiness just cant be captured by the best DSLRs
    i wish i cld return in time to be there.

  9. Re: awesome party
    silly goosie! it would have been so much fun to have you there! BUT im sure there are more parties to come!!
    oh song is coming back in june, he thinks. is that when you're coming back? maybe then we can have an engagement party & welcome home party for us three/four!! *hugs*


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