Tuesday, December 16, 2008

mum's party: my brothers..

unfortunately couldn't fly the boys back cos im sure that would have been the BEST surprise ever!!! but they were in the middle of exams so each of them they recorded videos with messages for their mom and we played it during the party right before cake cutting. :) 

with specific instructions from me to not look too drugged out, to shave and to SAY SOMETHING SWEET HOR!! i give them credit cos it was really heartfelt and sweet!!

little clip from yewsong in manchester! :)

and another from yewteng in hawaii!!!

both of them such cuties. i miss them heaps.. daniel has agreed to a short vacation to hawaii mid-year.. if only i can conveniently slip in another trip to london for song's graduation.. that would be WONDERFUL!! *hint hint*


  1. Ohh so sweet! The 2nd one is super cute ;)

  2. haha i second that! yew teng is cute! haha. how old is he?

  3. you and your traveling plans..
    what jobs are u in ah?? I need to change my job to yours man...
    Gosh.. I thought i was earning good money..
    YET u are the one with the traveling boots..

  4. he's 22! yeah he's very cute but as all younger siblings are, very irritating as well! :)

  5. hahah! yes they are! my girls have been eyeing them since they turned 16!!!

  6. hahah! :) i travel heaps but im poor as a duck! oh well, you win some, you lose some...

  7. yeah the boys both got my parent's good-looking genes!! :)


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