Tuesday, December 16, 2008

mum's big birthday do! :)

yayy! i can finally talk about it! *phew* 

it has been months since i've started planning it and have been itching to bitch about it or share silly planning quips but couldn't risk it..  it was an insanely difficult task cos my mom pokes her nose into my daily work and is always keen to help me prepare my weddings. so i had to make up so many stories to cover up!!

this wed is my mum's 55th birthday and as far as i can remember, we've never had a proper birthday bash for her. when we were little, she throw the most fantastic parties with magicians, themes, insane 3-d cakes and all. so i thought she deserved something special! :) but it was so tough cos she has so many friends to invite!

so i secretly snuck her phone and downloaded her contact and invited anyone who wanted to attend her party thinking we can probably keep a conservative guest list of (30) and save on renting a restaurant by catering at my own place! but boy was i wrong, the guest list was more than double! and everyone ate, finished all the booze in the fridge AND had a ball boogying on the little dance floor in the middle of my living room, kids, oldies, relatives alike!!

but the expression on her face when she found out was priceless! and all worth the scrubbing, decorating and cleaning and daddy's meticulous painting of the front yard! he's my hero!!!

yayy pikkies and videos to come! :)



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