Wednesday, December 3, 2008

and he got new feet

i still have not come round to how it looks. but dearly beloved thinks they look cute.. men! *tsk*


  1. actually thats exactly what it is..with some fancy theory than man is meant to walk barefoot so this allows you to go back to your natural form, correct your posture, blahblahblah.. :)

  2. that there looks like rubber sole!! is this meant to be worn out as well? looks like a working pair of footwear to me! definitely interesting!
    when I do need to wear socks, I love toe socks, absolutely comfy! where did D get this from???

  3. yes! you're meant to wear it out, do watersports, go trekking, etc!! it has a rubber sole to prevent abrasion and protect the feet.. (truth is, it feels quite comfy!)
    its from outdoor life in novena square! (but imported from the states)

  4. suddenly i just feel like saying "fee fi foo fum"

  5. tell me about it!
    haha love simon cowell's expression! :)says it all!


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