Wednesday, November 5, 2008

wedding stuff: alyson & paul

ooo.. spellbound has been through a bout of greens! not my favorite color still but it does add a refreshing touch to brighten up most ballrooms! :) i loved working with alyson & paul, she absolutely cracks me and anna up and is the funniest and most relaxed bride i've worked with.

im going to miss her daily updates of how much the australian dollar has dropped! :)

beautiful cake (with lovely lychee martini tier!) and personalized cookie...

ballroom with huge floral centerpieces and heaps of hydrangeas!!

me diligently at work!!

thank you daniel for being our 'set-up' photographer who did more setting up than photographing.. he sat for hours folding take-away boxes and cake boxes and cutting menus! :)


  1. Gosh! everything is so so beautiful!!!

  2. thanks hon! your wedding will be gorgeous too!

  3. thanks babe! have you worked out your wedding theme yet??


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