Friday, November 7, 2008

vacation stuff: lombok

we're meant to hop on a plane headed to lombok for a quick weekend getaway and for daniel to race on his birthday tomorrow. daniel was alerted yesterday by family that maybe the bali bombing peeps and their messy execution crap may have spillover effects on neighbouring islands in indonesia, such as lombok... so the australian embassy is recommending that travel in that region should be put on hold.

my immediate reaction to that matter is "damnit. but im not australian."

but jokes aside, i recognize the danger. and it is a big risk if anything were to happen.

but there's no saying what can happen to us if we didn't go right? oh well..

que sara sara. i conveniently told daniel he can be the man and decide. i'll just follow suit.

*grrr* it was meant to be such an awesome vacation. but if i stay in singapore i can work the hello kitty wedding! (yes you heard right!) oh well...

would you go??


  1. I wouldnt take a chance dear.. u can always vacation somewhere else and BTW.. why are you always on a vacation?? I'm JEALOUS!! haha
    Oh yeah, I noticed u know Angie Leong on ur facebook. How did you know her?? She was my bestest friend in Sec School. Same world or shld I say Spore.

  2. Dear girl. Better be safe than sorry, there can be loads of fun here back home too! i mean how many Hello Kitty weddings are you gonna come across right?? =p and I for one would love to see some pics from this "unusual" wedding! LOL
    and you guys can always go back when the unrest subsided.

  3. i know.. we shifted the hotel dates till feb!!
    boohoo.. was really looking forward to the weekend away though..

  4. haha..need vacations ever so often! plus i find difficulty in switching off when in singapore! always checking emails, rushing for appointments, catching up with friends!~ :)
    angie used to work with me in ExtraOrdinary Weddings! :)


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