Tuesday, November 4, 2008

theatre stuff: ave q

got fantastic tickets for avenue q last evening at the esplanade rounding up our artsy october! and it was not disappointing for i had high hopes for this award winning braodway show!! (missed it in new york..) their cast was excellent, each and everyone was so talented and sung beautifully! had we giggling throughout the entire evening!

and we had the "it sucks to me" tune in our head for the rest of the night! *giggles*

puppet-porn aplenty and very naughty punchlines.. scandalizing but very enjoyable! so catch it while its in town! :)

broadway in noooyork, here we come! :)


  1. you are off to NYC? cool...
    You know, if you get a chance, do catch Wicked if you haven't already... That is ONE musical I WOULD LOVE to produce and bring to Singapore...

  2. Sounds fun!! and oooohhhh newyork! :D

  3. yeah i watched wicked in london! loved it!!!! it was super cute!
    NYC for chrismas and new year!~

  4. tee hee! :) yeah quite excited about that short trip back to the states!!


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