Wednesday, November 12, 2008

should you be friends with an ex's current squeeze?

my darlings, i'll be fascinated to hear your thought on this question!

more specifically, when the current girlfriend asks you for relationship advice and he does the same AT THE SAME TIME! (talk about being compaitable).. who's side should you be on? just to set things straight, me and my ex-es are as done as beef jerky!!

share your thoughts!


  1. Hmm. I'm fine as long as the other party doesn't have ulterior motives.
    Some people are friends purely cos they want to be bitchy... then it will hurt the rship in the long run. So it really got to depends on the person that you are talking about.

  2. hahahaha what an interesting question! but my only ex was my then 14yr old bf! we seldom keep in touch and he is now in US anyway. not sure if he's attached now. So, I really didnt think of this question before. =p

  3. doubt she has ulterior motives. i think she needs relationship advice !*gulp* yikes.. so tricky this situation..
    cos if i say no, i'd seem like i still haven't gotten over him right..

  4. lucky you!! i think exes's current gf/bf, current bf's exes.. all utter crap.
    everyone should be as smoothsailing as you..

  5. i think the reason you were asked was because she knows that u have gotten over him but yet u know him in a different light to be able to give advice that would be accurate in the situation.
    Try to leave emotions out of it IF you decide to give advise, and treat the situation as it is.. or if u're not comfortable with giving the advise, just tell her u may not be the best person to speak to cos u might have some preconcieve perception which will make the advise non-neutral and not perspective.. Biased.. was the word i was looking for.

  6. did what you suggested. ;) deliberated over each and every word i typed. it was such a tough job!


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