Monday, November 3, 2008

my imitation bag..

boohoo.. all i wanted was a good work, functional, roomie, throw-everything-in bag in a classic shade so i bought this deep brown leather bag in Korea, matching it with a burberry scarf and thought i was special... 

until i saw it in the windows of Mulberry's boutique! only to find out this is their classic design and comes in all shades of leather..

yikes! me copycat! buy fake goods.. *sigh*


  1. i tot it is quite funny... hee

  2. boohoo.. im terrible with my brands! can't even identify their signature bag!!

  3. heehee girl, i agree the bayswater is a great workbag!! :D your are gonna use it right? dont waste!

  4. boohoo.. now i feel so concious carrying it leh! but its such a good bag!! *grrr*
    i need some help with my brands MAN!!!


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