Monday, November 24, 2008

happy birthday sweets..

has been nothing but weddings for weeks! 

but finally got a chance to sort through some pikkies in the past month, not related to work! these are daniel's birthday cupcakes. evidently, he was SUPER pleased with them and thought they were the darling-est! :) thanks to mengchoo (, it was exactly what i envisioned and was perfect! all i told her was his fav color, what he enjoys and she came up with the rest!! isn't the little swimmy man the best? it even had his age 'number-stamped' on his arms like in triathlons! not only were they gorgeous, they were delicious too!

had to answer some awkward questions what those dome shaped things were.. 
(answer: bike helmets! what were you thinking?)

daniel was all smiles and started planning who gets what! (cos there's way too many cupcakes for ourselves!) so we boxed them all up in little brown boxes and zipped around town to share with our friends. it was interesting to see what everyone was up to on a friday evening! so we popped by to give milan cuddles and said hi to her folks, hung at a cool bar at emerald hill and by the time we got to union, we were dead tired! :)

but it was all worth it when dearly beloved announced that these were the best cakes ever!

thank you so very much, mong! :)


  1. Such a nice photo of Daniel and the cuppies... I can see my muscle man sweating.. haha... glad you noticed the 28 on his arms...
    Thanks for ordering and glad you liked them.

  2. we didn't know if we should put in fridge or not, so we did for a while then it harden so we took it out..
    i noticed it as well but it was daniel that made sense of the digits you printed! thank you heaps again, mong! :)

  3. woah, can gimme the contact for the cupcakes?

  4. sure thing! :) its you can get her email address and number from there! :)
    book early!


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