Tuesday, October 21, 2008

wedding stuff: tammy & kevin

spent the entire week scouring through grocery stores, little fruit stalls in markets, wholesale centers for green apple. specifically green apples with a pretty sheen, with their stalk and with no bruises or 'freckles'.. all (450) of them! it was quite an ardous task that involved the entire family. thanks to my wonderful mom that took on the role as a nazi-apple-hunter who then activated her army of aunties to help. it was hilarious when mom removed dad's beer and daniel's 100plus to make space for layers after layers of green apples! *grins*

on the wedding day itself, got jingerbelle who was on school vacation to help at this wedding!!

and it was all worth it! :) 

congrats tammy & kevin! you're the cutest couple..

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  1. woah, beautiful green apples! I can see you did great job! :D


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