Thursday, October 23, 2008

some music-lovin'!

part of my job requires me to sort through millions of love tunes and nab the one perfect processional, first dance, recessional, etc. tune for my lovely wedding couples.. its really fun and sweet task!! but i've gotten by thus far with youtube, then emailing daniel the songs i need and him doing my job for me! just because my music library is in a mess due to years of inactivity! even my ipod (given to me more than 4 years ago is still in its plastic wrapper with tunes from 4 years ago!!) so daniel decided to teach me how to reorganize my folders, re-acquaint me to itunes and get back back into the music scene!

spend half of last night making my initial attempts to sort through my audio data. its terrible!! the songs i have are so ancient, all oldies!! no wonder im such a music-laggard!!! anyway, i made progress!!

we sorted, googled lyrics, sang and hummed, danced a little, told each other stupid stories and laughed till our belly ached and had so much fun that i wondered why i didn't start on this ardous task any earlier.. anyway, plenty more long nights to go before my music library will be organized by our standards!!

but if anyone has any cute/interesting wedding music, send it my way! :) thank youus my loves! 


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