Monday, October 13, 2008

seoul: touristy stuff

we met sweetheart, Christine for a quick brunch of korean sushi at COEX (local mega shopping mall) and she showed us around!! we were floored by the sheer size of their malls! it just went on and on in all directions! :)

we got ourselves this! :) black for daniel and white for me! its the teeny-tiniest thumbdrive! so amazingly cute!

took some touristy pikkies in the mall *embarrassed*

and caught up with judy and decided to scale the seoul n tower, definitely tops the touristy must-do list!

view of seoul city from the top! 

thousands of locks latched onto the grills with love notes and poems. so very sweet!

went all the way to the top!! the view was pretty but nothing particularly exciting to rave about. it did remind me a little of empire state building & the eiffel! but i must say! their selection of merchandise was amazing! very well crafted gifts, jewellery and designed postcards, good job korea!

happy zhingy! :)

then we took a long stroll downhill from there! the weather was pretty and fresh, very different from singapore! even after a 30 min walk, i felt like i could keep going for ages!! and the koreans were particularly keen on their hiking gear and foldable bikes. which started daniel on his quest for the perfect, mrt-friendly foldable bike... i liked the united color of benetton ones cos they looked really neat and had pops of pastel colors..

had dinner near Judy's hotel (shilla) in some local BBQ restaurant! this was the most AMAZING meal in our entire trip! think drippy crispy pork strips marinated in soya paste loaded with a million side dishes and spring onion and soy sauce!

thanks to our lovely hostess!! cheers! :) (how do you say 'cheers' in korean again??)

soju is possibly one of the least yummy tasting liquor i've tasted... *eeks*. judy told us in korea these are the sort of restos that older people come to because they have the yummiest food with the most reasonable prices b ut stripped of all the fancy location, decor, a/c and beautiful servers! how true! somehow i think every meal should be like this! hearty, delicious and shared with loved ones!!! i could do this every single day!! yummy!!

daniel and his greens!! :) 

then with bloated stomachs, we worked off our calories with some shopping at dongdaemun! late night shopping that stays open till morning!! ;) what not to love about seoul!! lumbered back into bed so sleepy with bags unpacked for our little trip to kyungjoo (big mistake!) but thats another story for another time!!



  1. Wah! the food! I'm drooling now.. and you look so gorgeous in that pic taken at the stairs! :D

  2. yes! it was very yummy! :)
    haha i love that pikkie cos it made me look skinny! woohoo! how rare!!

  3. Seeing u makes me want to have a holiday real bad!


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