Thursday, October 9, 2008

seoul 2008: j'arrive!

some of the three things i loved in seoul: the company of our friends, the food, the weather. i reckon thats the perfect formulae in picking a place to live. on top of there, there was convenience of public transportation, a cosy house to live in, meticulously mapped out plans and a little getaway treat mid-week just being there was a treat in itself!

i cracked my brains a little to try and figure out how best to log this little vacation cos we had wayyy too many pictures! but i think chronological order would make most sense just cause we squeezed so much into the one week there!

so i start! :) after a long flight from sg straight from a wedding, we hardly got some eye-shut. but meet and greet services by judy and lucas was a god-send. can't image two grouchy people trying to navigate our ways to town by public transportation and nothing better to be met at the airport by judy hugs!! amazing how she was awake and bobbing in the crowd at 6am. we were trying our best to keep our eyes open!! 

brekkie at local restaurant with pork broth and heaps of spring onions!

then we met little 18-yr old doggie pan-di. the cutest dog we have ever met.

she wheezes and snorts and snores like an old lady and scampers around the house. and wears warm sweaters in fall/winter because she shivers in the cold! such a cutie. heaps of pan-di pikkies to come so just a little one of her tail for now!! made me really want a dog badly! boohoo..

some judy-zhing action again! boy, did this blog miss such pictures!

note: first pikkie of me cos i look like death the morning we arrived. but after a long nap! im back in action!

we caught the bus (which is an amazingly convenient system) to town to meet christine and feed our stomach! indulged in some 'slow food' which is apparantly their current foodie-trend which essentially is organic health-concious food! very suspicious when i saw burgers in the menu but it was a neat little place right smack in a cool district so there were heaps of people/model/celeb watching.

a nice long stroll in the park in the neighbourhood. (reminded me a little of central park but smaller)

we crashed Andre Kim's bridal fashion show! which was the weirdest experience! he was eccentric in more than one ways but we were barred from taking pictures of his bridalwear! just pure luck i guess! then we bumped into one of the biggest stars in korea, just breezed past us as we were bickering about which road corner to take a picture of.. still have no clue who she was but christine kept telling us how hot she is. 

then breezed down the streets of ipujang (i think) with heaps of cool cafes and resto! we were spoilt for choice and eventually settled in cafe50! not too creative a name but the interior was so preety with vintage mirrors, long oak tables, cake stands and a piping hot mug of cappucino! all the things i love! :) 

then we wandered across town to itaewon (their holland v equivalent) and had mexican! ya.. our first proper dinner in korea was mexican! but the food was delicioso!! and very reasonably priced!! we had heaps of salsa and dips and my dodgey virgin margerita made me gigglish and red.. but all was good! 

cheers! :)

and since our last trip, judy picked up salsa, so we thought we check out one of the many salsa bars and do a little late-night dancing. got christine on the dance floor and interested as well!! bit by bit, we convert the world into salseros.. the bar was odd with heaps of foreigners lounging around having drinks and less people on the dance floor but that meant more space for us i guess!! 

it was all great fun and an amazing start to our crazy vacation in seoul! 


  1. U made Seoul look fun again!
    haha .. and u still look good in the first pic :p

  2. looked like a wonderful start to your trip!! i love your dress babe! :D

  3. it was super fun! :) it was definitely the company as well!!

  4. thank you! :) got it from malacca from a random flea market store!


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