Tuesday, September 2, 2008

what a neat idea! :) 

im constantly in awe when i get updates or magazines from martha stewart! her (and probably her team's) ideas are so simple yet fun and neat! this one reminds me of ping1 tang2 hu2 lu2 that we get roadside during chinese new year!! hurry up, someone get married by an awesome pool!

speaking of getting married, my good friend, jerine just sent her ROM invite to us through her personalized wedding webbite! how cool is that! :) i can't wait to attend her wedding, it would be so cool!


  1. yup.. i am seriously looking forward to her wedding too! I was so touched when I browsed thru her website. haha.. wonder if she did it herself. but sadly, i cannot make it for the 4pm solemisation, which is the touching part! only can make it after work for the dinner sob sob. ok see you there.. didnt make it for jiji's farewell but i am sure she will be back soon.
    luv, ah leng

  2. yeah!! im sure it would be special..
    i'll have to bolt early though! ;( have to catch a flight out of town that evening.


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