Wednesday, September 17, 2008

wedding blog: grandeur, frosty candelebras & lush orchids

has been an insane wedding week! with even crazier schedules coming up leading to korea!

i should really remember to bring my camera with me so i can take pictures of the ones i've done.. the floral arch in the door way was amazing!! i liked it so much i kept walking under it and admiring it with a dorky grin.

yayy! pretty orchid with heaps of candlelight at ritzy! :)

i love the lollipop trees! they have tealights suspended in mid-air. makes quite a magical feel to the ballroom!! it was very pretty and for once, i didn't mind dry ice.

am making mee goreng and beef rendang for my dad before he leaves for china. good luck to me! maybe we'll end up in maccas! 


  1. woah. So beautiful.
    Your couples are so lucky to have u!

  2. It's gorgeous!!! very beautiful! :D
    and your are going to the land of kimchi! take more pics!

  3. im lucky to live my dream wedding so many many times! :)


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