Friday, September 5, 2008

walk in the hort park

just did a photo shoot yesterday at Hort Park and despite the super-early start (6am..) and the crazily erratic weather (i got drenched and sun-burnt all in the same afternoon), i just realized how wonderful my job is. i get limitless access for pretty stuff, can play around in rock beds and explore new places in singapore!

and we found this little nook in the park i'd like to think as my secret discovery (tho i told the whole world already so not so secretive!!) its an enclosed circular area surrounded by bamboo! i have the most delightful wedding idea for that space! ok.. i'll save the details for my next bride but i cant wait!! *hoots*

the peeps i worked with yesterday were amazing. they were lovely, enthusiastic, happy and all so experienced in their own fields! i found myself marvelling at the florist's never-ending ideas! she was so spontaneous in her arrangements! she saw a faraway tree in the backdrop and when the leaves were falling, told her assistant to grab a bagful and made floral chair decor from them!! wow!!! i wanna be like her when i grow up!

such a humbling experience!


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