Thursday, September 11, 2008

things i love!

lopsided peonies in full bloom, hammocks with a glass of fresh lemonade, mornings you wake up knowing its too beautiful to be at work, bovril on toast, chinese paper lanterns in all shades and shapes, candlelit dinners with champers, lavender in a bottle,  in your wardrobe, on your pillow, heck! Lavender everywhere, wriggley toes in the sand, the smile lines in his eyes, lollies and candies in your sticky pocket, whispers and giggles in your ear, pink felted rocks, smell of fresh sun-dried linen, charm bracelets with many stories to tell, lying on cold marble floor, frilly parasols and martini glasses, scent of second-hand books, scribbles from the reader before, tutu girls galloping down the hallway, that flight we stayed up all night just chattering away, the smell of pasta or pancakes in the kitchen, tim-tams in citrus-bold colored bowls, drippy ice-cream in the summer, snuggling between sheet during a storm, light flouncy summer dresses, glass vases glistening in the sun, texture and smell of rosin, polka-dotted ladybugs, brown paper bags with a bow, first imperfect crepe from the pan, cartoon paintings on the wall, warm and tight hugs, mismatching gloves & lingerie sets, counting down days till vacation, beautiful stationery and hand-written note cards, pressed white linen pants with red striped top, sitting barefeet on the grass, kindness, pre-dinner snackies, warm oozing molten lava cake, areas with speed limit 35mph, swensons at the airport, mraz's im yours on the guitar.

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