Tuesday, September 23, 2008

saturday date night : staying home

attempting to fulfill every single of our dreams, we took a brave first step towards daniel's herb garden dream and bought a basil 'tree'!! 

actually, it was just 30 cents more than the regular cello-bag of leaves so figured why not give it a shot!! so now, we're proud plant owners! soon enough im going to convince him we need another dog! *weeheee!!*

you keep growing, buddy!!

my ultimate comfort food, home-made pasta with heaps of olives, generous serving of tomatoes, thin slivers of salami and now dressed with basil! seriously, its the best!

yummy! :)


  1. looks really good!! and i love the pics! so pro! heehee.. what SLR is D using?

  2. wow! home grown herbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

  3. teehee.. ya, we'll see how long that little dude lives! :)

  4. yayy! thanks babe, i'll let him know his new diffuser works!
    he uses Nikon D 80!


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