Thursday, September 18, 2008

oh happy day!

coupla little notes from this morning!

1. thursday is extremely happening!! im excited about tomorrow (as i always am..) and a long weekend of 'nothingness' to come!!
2. heaps has happened since monday but when the drama tide over, we'll talk about it.
3. meanwhile, this pug & its sender put a silly grin on my face.. (also read pugs are efficient baby substitute! idea!!) 
4. there is a triathlon in HK disney but i have (2) weddings that weekend. DAMNIT!!! 
5. me and pokki sat on the bench last evening (i sat, she squirmed..) and watched daniel get a yellow card at futsal *tsk*
6. mom's back from her week-long cruise!
7. we start packing for korea and judybob! yippeeeee...

have to bundle up and hit the frosty rooms of far east this morning! i like!


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