Thursday, September 11, 2008

my latest foodie fad

indulge in my short recap of my crazy food habits: 

at some point in my un-wise teenage years, it was beet root! gotta eat it. makes you skinny! gross drippy steamed ones that i wrapped in foil so i could carry around and nibble at them in between dance practice. failed project cos it stained my white school uniform. and really yucky stuff, seriously!

my lovely cousin, ming, then told me the more brussel sprouts you ate, the slimmer you are. Backed up by my medically trained brother who said that cos of the amount of time you spend chewing those crazy lettuce-heads, you actually use more calories gnawing on them than the calorie intake. i believe the crazy londoners, till my jaws got tired.

then i arrive in good ole america and was told i could eat as much popcorn i like and it would only count as ONE point (weightwatchers) but catch is, they had to be plain.. YUCK! but i chomped heaps of heavily salted popcorn! ;) plus the 100-calorie packs were hopeless i just couldn't stop and would finish an entire box of them in one single afternoon..

just a few months ago, silly jazzy told me that the new IT thing is wasabi peas.. it was zero calories said that silly gal. all was good until we scanned the nutritional table and got poor daniel to translate.. echoed by a chorus of "SERIOUS!", "IS HE SURE OR NOT!!" and found out that they are in fact high in fat! apparantly they are deep-fried till they get crispy! who knew! *sigh*

but my life is now complete. for i think i found the perfect fat-free snack!!

edamame peas! yums...

i love attacking them luke warm with my bare fingers (there is no graceful way of eating these..) popping them, coating them in a heavy coat of salt and chomping on them knowing that there is zero-fats in these little puppies!

p.s. if anyone tells me otherwise, im gonna have to beat you up.


  1. I have since long ago given up hope on junking fat-free-ly. =p

  2. but what are our alternatives?? not like i can stop snacking.. i eat non-stop throughout the day!! more so when im super stressed!


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