Monday, September 22, 2008

another sporty post: 70.3

yikes.. am i super late or what!! no wonder daniel commented that my current state of 'joblessness' seems to make me busier than before! *grins*

and since i blog about random pet rocks, in-grown toes, the weather, other people's dog and every silly thing i encounter, it just seems selfish to not mention that daniel completed the singapore half-ironman coupla weeks ago. *carrie-ok style applause in background* and we were very proud of him! 

and what made it even more special this time round is...

air-flown all the way from Melbourne, a premium chunk of a very proud daddy! so for once in my life i wasn't lugging his heavy stuff and sitting in the sun all alone! and we managed to sneak off in between his bike loops to catch a cuppa coffee and kaya toast

and it made sense to create an official team flag! so now, we can use it when his daddy races as well! *grins* inspiration came when we were watching the Olympics, daniel was super thrilled when he say the "team phelps" flag and immediately said that he would definitely want such support team paraphernalia when he gets to that level of competition! some day, baby! some day, we'll print tee-shirts!

AND.. designed something for his racing team! this was inspired by the wedding bulletins we make for clients which doubles up as a fan for outdoor receptions! pretty cool idea so i got The Card Room to print these for me! :) and added lime green bows for their team color! not so practical eventually cos i had too many things to wave/hold/yell when the triathletes ran/rode past! next time i'll make blinky lights or something to wear on the head.. (ok. just kidding!) 

baby looking fierce on the bike..

and very happy in transition where he had a costume change..

teehee. and i met a very happy dog chilling on a picnic mat! and saw his mate, curran who is an excellent athelete but got his wheel messed up. such a shame!! i can only imagine his disappointment! but we cheered a little for the aaa team peeps and some other runners looking quite rough (daniel included!) 

three bands on arm = almost completing the race!! yayyy we have a finisher! :)

completed the race- tick!
no injuries - tick!
good swim - tick!
smooth transition - tick!

so success overall, took a little longer than he would have liked but cest la vie!! looking forward to the next race!! which in fact,  was snuck into our korea vacation next week, how sneaky! 



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