Thursday, August 21, 2008

pillow talk..

ya. we had our first argument. completely retarded though but it still counts.

so we were fast asleep at heaven-know-what-hour of the night.. when daniel woke me up yelling blah blah blah SELLING OF COMPANY ASSETS! and i was completely clueless, probably to do with the topic in discussion and also cos i was asleep. so i replied by saying OMG, YOU'RE SLEEP-TALKING! ABOUT WORK! and he got so defensive and said something like NO ITS NOT, IM TALKING ABOUT SLEEP, TRADING OF PILLOWS. then i woke up and figure i better let this slip. so i said NEVERMIND HONEY, YOU'RE SLEEPY. THERE IS NO TRADING OF PILLOWS IN YOUR COMPANY. he, being the wonderful lawyer he is, rebutted and said WHO SAID ANYTHING ABOUT ASSETS? omg, then it got ridiculous cos i started questioning my sanity YOU DID! YOU SAID YOU WERE TRADING PILLOWS IN YOUR COMPANY! AND YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT WORK!! and got him all riled up so he woke up confused. WHY ARE YOU ARGUING ABOUT WHAT I SAID. IM TALKING ABOUT THE CONTRACT WHICH YOU SIGH blah blah blah AND NOW IM AWAKE, DAMNIT. YOU BETTER NOT FALL ASLEEP ON ME... i was all contented that i proved my point that he was in fact sleeptalking, about work, woke meup, im not crazy, its the middle of the night, so i do what humans do, and i fell asleep again! leaving poor daniel awake, angry and confused why i would actually pick up a fight with him in the middle of the night!

and the argument continued in the morning, even after the peace-offering of a backrub!

and true to his/my profession, i lost.

this sucks. i hate losing.


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