Saturday, August 23, 2008

oh what a week! :)

this week has been crazily busy and challenging.. and at the same time worthy of celebrations!! my mad-capped week of events..

1) a home-cooked indian feast with our friends!
2) got a very exciting job offer
3) got another even more exciting and better suited job offer (tick!)
4) got a ridiculously unexciting and unsuitable job offer (bar manager in hanoi..)
5) hung out with  over japanese
6) had pancakes for dinner, ran out of maple and had home-made maple syrup!
7) sweaty yoga class with dick
8) read a book and a mountain of wedding magazines
9) had heaps of wedding consults
10) was told im a horrible rock-mom... ;(
11) tendered my resignation and felt terribly guilty
12) but i know it is the right decision!!
13) caught up with long time best friends over porridge


and we're going for yummy dinner with dick & justin in a bitty  then meeting the sohs for a fashion thingie at zouk. so not our type of regular friday evening fun but just cos its so different, we thought we give it a go. and we each did out own rendition of club-dancing.. and for the amount of time we spend perfecting our spins, going for dance festivals and classes, we suck big time! we're so not cool. so once the disco lights and smoke machines come to actions. we'll bolt! :)

(image from emilie bjork)

have a lovely and cuddley weekend!


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