Monday, August 18, 2008

melbourne - road trip!

our little getaway to the Great Ocean Road, instead of a long dreary driving trip, we decided to spend a night there in a b&b and drive back the next day! The drive was one of the most scenic roads along breath-taking coastline of south-west Victoria, Australia. From Melbourne we took almost 4 hours passing through Geelong, Weribee, Torquay and then finally ended at Apollo Bay! but not with frequent snack & picture stops..

throughout the entire drive, i would scare the wits out of daniel by yelling "SHEEEEEEP!!!" or "HORRRSE!" and at some point at my 12303rd animal, i got tired..

20 mins into the ride, i was famished (how typical..) so we had to stop by St Kilda to grab us breakfast smoothies & a  nasty spinach & bacon pie!  no picture of the messy pie but how can anyone mess up something as yummy as spinach and bacon!

didn't make too many stops as we were determined to get to Apollo Bay before dark and see our surprise hotel! but we did make an exception for Surf-Brands outlet shopping!! wish i visited when i was still in my Roxy craze back in JC.. but multicolored short baring half my ass is not so appropriate anymore at my age.

at Mt Defiant look-out!!

daniel is happy at our mid-way break for lunch and leg stretch but too wussy to walk on cold sand..

award-winning chunky pie steak!! australian pie and sauce!! yums..

very happy with our quick lunch and hot drinks.. (wow! we really have very wide grins!) walked a little down the beach at torquay and hopped back into the car hoping to get to our hotel before dark..

till we saw this! a wild koala!!!

and a very pleased photgrapher with his camera..

us at Apollo Bay! (if only i have such immensely long legs in person!)

daniel & his new flipflops trying to keep his pants dry *sigh*

me & our amazing sunset at Apollo bay! honestly, im not that 'hiao' in person. ;)

then we headed up the windy mountain dirt path (very scaary..) to our secret hideout and after a few wrong turns and a little reservation boohoo (cos we were at the wrong hotel), we finally pull up..

here! isn't our little room gorgeous!?

at the check in, the nice guy was apologising for only have a limited 12 tv station as we are in the mountains.. but seriously who would be watching TV with a view like that!!

white sheets!!! (my long time obsession!)

lovely lily from our doorstep! there was a garden full of wild flowers!! it was heavenly..

view of our room & little balcony!

and we had dinner at Chris's Restaurant! they had the yummiest food in lovely portions.. i had a scallops salad and daniel had a melt-on-your-mouth steak! it was delicious and the chocolate dessert was just what we needed to finish out lovely dinner.. i could stay here forever!!

and it was so beautiful looking out onto the dark night with twinkling stars.. good choice, hon! it was a lovely surprise...

brekkie on our patio! (right after i set the fire alarm off!)

me in the morning with my sheepish grin (read above..)

talk about sheep...

"SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!" sorry couldn't help it! they were looking so adorable i tried to convince daniel we NEED to lure one into the car and take him home! ya, you can only imagine how that would have ended in his lil singapore apartment.

kookaburra sits on the old gum treeeee!

definitely would recommend it to anyone who is visiting! :) its a little drive away from great ocean road but its so serene and beautiful that its completely worth it!!

12 apostles! (all 6 of them..)

we initially had three ideas in mind, the fairy penguins at phillip island, vineyards at yarra valley or 12 apostles but we figure the lil penguins (at the rate they are multiplying..) and the grapes will always be there but not all 12 of the apostles!! it was beautiful and we went a little crazy with the phototaking here!

yipperoos! :)

and then drama happened! we popped into Red Rooster Colac for a quick bite.. and i left my ENTIRE purse with camera, money, credit cards, etc there! so careless.. did not realize it till we were in Geelong.. i guess everything else is replaceable but i got upset over my pink camera and the images i've stored in them over the YEARS!! so we called them back once we found out and to our pleasant surprise, it was still there!! wow! amazing. and they even put it in the mail so we did not have to drive all the way back just to retrieve my silly bag!! how sweet of them.. which resulted in my poverty and lack of photographic instrument for the next few days.. but still super glad i got it back!

next time', this silly goose will just attach a springy bouncy neon strap to all my belongings! ;P


  1. Beautiful pictures!! the scenery just took my breath away!! and you guys look good!!!

  2. that was a whole lot of pictures!
    you really should visit.. our pictures didn't do the place justice! :)

  3. your hotel looks great!!! Remember the name ok? Next time if I go, I wanna stay there too!

  4. yes mdm! i will! :)
    when are you going?

  5. What's the name of the hotel?? any webbie i can check out??

  6. I found the link in your entry! :D

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