Friday, August 15, 2008

melbourne 08 - day 1

we're back from out great big melbourne vacation!! hurray! and we had a blast! crazy purchases! huge tummies and heaps of stories and pictures to share! but firstly, facebook is the bomb! i've learnt that i can upload images THEN use the image location to blog. how cool is that! don't have to deal with flickr or lj picture update!! weehee..

i love it!

this is us mucking around on the flight there! we caught a midnight flight from singapore, arriving in Melbourne at 6am. didn't sleep very much on the plane which explains my shades...

but we hit the factory outlets on the way back from the airport. yayy for ninewest shoes, witchery, frilly lingerie, cheap FCUK dresses, katespade crockery and my seafolly bikinis! *breathes* i think thats all.. no wasting time at all!! i absolutely love their silverware and crockery! i'd be completely broke if i lived in Melbourne. plus it was tough shopping with a dude who didn't see the merits of owning a green tiered petit four stand on top of a lace dolly footed cake stand, on top of christmas printed silverware and egg cosies! i had to defend all my purchases!!! what do you mean everything has to match! who knows when i'd need it right? *pout* but since it was only day 1 and i did already have quite a few shopping bags, i let it slide..

then we headed home for a long nap and yummy mexican for the evening with his parents!!

point to note: achievement of the day was when we successfully brought bah whoo into australia. both the crispy and the non-crispy! his mom was so delighted! completely worth it! :)

AND i received all my pre-aussie trip gifts that i purchased online! which started arriving a week ago! so it was like christmas! everyone had gifts and surprises.. yippee..


  1. thank you! :) they are el cheapo!!
    i always lose shades, gloves and mitts on vacations!!!


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