Wednesday, August 13, 2008

kimchi & bulgolgi: trip planning..

as part of our korea trip, we're planning a short getaway! we sorta like the idea of a short getaway in the middle of our holiday. it seems to work well every time because that would mean a change of scenery, some time to explore the road less travelled (or in some cases, visit some of the touristy spots before we head back to our wilderness..) and have some 'us' time admist the dinners and catching up sessions!

this is one of the hotels that judybob recommended us! she really knows me well because i really love this hotel. the architecture is breath-taking, and the concept is so simple yet interesting! i can only imagine how trigger happy we'd be there! just a little curious where its located because from the website, it looks like heaps of grassland around it..

images from some of their weddings! pretty! ;p
check out their guest houses/rooms here!

update: oh its not that special, apparantly it was in the tv drama "Princess Hour (Goong)"! hope its not touristy already!!


  1. Well, I for one have not heard of it! but it sure look like a great place to be! im sure you guys are going to have heaps of fun! looking forward to the pics already! =p

  2. wah i thought at first u getting married. heh

  3. teehee! :)
    which reminds me! im terrible with vacation pikkies, need to put up my melb ones soon!
    *tsk* i fail as a journalist!


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