Tuesday, August 19, 2008

dance review: paradise

i love watching concerts! especially ones with my friends in them. its lovely to see their progress and the new ideas and styles that emerge from their frequent travels, talented international choreographers and new costumes and props. it also always evokes a sense of nostalgia, minus the crazy rehearsal schedules, tears, blood and sweat (like literally..), i always feel like i miss the stage and dancing..

most of all its the raw realization that while our awfully dedicated friends are wowing the crowd on stage like they have for their whole lives, the entire group of performance class is split into two. the ones that are still there and the ones that watch and does not seem like there would be a day where we would be as one again! :)

that being said when the aunties (parents of our ex-students) come up to us and ask when we're coming back, im always the first to proudly announce 'not me, too old..' ;P so much for dedication to the arts!

too late to do publicity but this round of images are amazing! done by professional photographer Dennis Ng!! im going to check out more of his works!

tarek's long arms.. (always a good focal point...)

i love this dance! but boy was it long!!

another fav! the boys were in hot shorts! *winks*

amazing!! i thought i was really done outdoors..

and i reckon this would be one performance most will remember because jiji is leaving for the big apple next week and it would be a while till we see her again! ouch, hurts my heart even to say that but one shall remember not to be selfish because must let your friends go and do whatever makes them happy! same for danyi! :) i believe in that so i must be as generous in my behavior.

plus if friendship ends just cos we're far away then it was never true friendship in the first place!


  1. yes! the performance was as breathtaking as the pictures!!

  2. its always the case, whenever i watched them dance, at that instance, i wanna dance again.. but once I think bout the time commitment, the cracking of bones and the bruises.. hai.. i have no motivation to do that anymore.. and yes, we wish jiji and danyi all the best ..love ah leng

  3. thanks babe
    i am glad u really like it....btw the pictures were taken by dennis ng but we borrowed ngiap heng's studio.i will miss u all so much so pls remember to turn up next mon in your best clothes..preferbly bohemina style ...theres a theme

  4. Re: thanks babe
    oops! I better update my blog then! :) excellent photographer!
    ohhhhh theme!!! i like! something to look forward to!


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