Monday, July 28, 2008

our 'girlie' trip - malacca

packed my little pink backpack and hopped on a bus to malacca with the girlies (and boon)! it was a super fuss-free short trip just nice for a short break from the singapore cityscape and some cheap good food.. we stayed in little boutique hotel in the heart of chinatown, Hotel Puri, with excellent internet rates (ended up $40 per pax!) and an even cheaper coach ticket ($35!!) seriously, i could do this every weekend!!! but malacca not super exciting in general!!

i'll let the pikkies do the talking! :)

the mandatory "we were here!" shot in the cab!

ya, by the time the bus rolled into Malacca, it was about 1pm so we only got to lunch at 2pm! i was grumpy and very very hungry!!
somehow, this picture ended looking like i'm pregnant and boon is perplexed father! (choi!!) so scandalizing..

yummy! :)

me and june chilling in our hotel! :)

my latest crafty obsession - felted rocks. i was particularly excited when i saw these in our bathroom! :)

shopping at makota square.. ya we got bored.

lovely sunday brunch at this really cool quaint old kopi tiam! they served the BEST lor mai kai.. and if you squint, you can see how cheap each dimsum dish was (between RM $1.20 - $2!!)! the entire meal totalled to RM $60!! cool find!!

no clue what my camera thought was in focus.. but at that time, it was a good idea! :)

A&W!!! i've missed your Coney Tuedays!!

my fav shot!


  1. I have that same black dress :) from Ness right?

  2. Yes!! its great!! super comfy and low maintenance, right?.. one of my current favs! :)

  3. haha yep...great for buffets too :)

  4. Look like a really great trip!! you're looking good and i love your black dress!

  5. And how i miss the A&W rootbeer float!!!

  6. and A&W waffles! :) yums!!
    thankie.. its super comfy too!

  7. I like the last pic too! And I have never had a A&W rootbeer float before! :O

  8. mmm....last pic reminds me of Vevey!!! and yes...can we petition to bring back A&W??!!!

  9. have you not, babe! (im not a huge fan of the float but the coney dog is the bomb!! its like hot dogs with chilli..)

  10. oh yes... that 2-d structure place in front of pouyet..
    hmmmm pouyet hot chocolate!!! *drools*
    on another note, wanna visit sanya??

  11. hahah why the sudden tot about sanya?
    you have a race to go to? or you are keen to explore the hainanese roots? hee..
    it's a nice place though..

  12. neither!! our friend, navin is braving the hainan isle alone so i thought maybe can go there and crash at his ritzy apartment! :) afraid there is limited capacity to my hainanese language to actually explore my roots.. *sigh*

  13. lol~ u have leave? the boy the stubbornly suffering in silence. i asked him to come back and find work...but he says "no job mah" without even attempting yet~ brand whore tt guy.


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