Thursday, July 3, 2008

next up on shopping list : a bike..

this has been on the cards for a while.. the thought behind this is so i have something i can ride to the florist on saturday mornings, ride to the beach or to places to pick up grocery or bubble tea and also along-side daniel when he trains (when he runs at least..). i was especially thrilled by the basket attached to the front idea but being the bike-geek he is, daniel had greater plans.. so we have been combing through bike racks at all his racing bike stores, looking at skinny road bikes with little wheels and the closest we've gotten is this simple matt navy blue frame by kuota that still looks a little too aero-dynamic for my purposes... methinks he secretly hopes that i'll start racing one day...
(plus i will toss any notion of aero-dynamicity in the winds when i fix my picnic basket to the front.)

i like this one!! :)

im still having fun shopping around for the perfect one. a cute little one that will bring me to wonderfully fun places.. im thrilled! :O


  1.'s a cute one~ but remember to have the basket so tt u can bring ur darlings out for a ride too~ and i mean ur dogs. no pink bikes please...they dun look too classic with bicycles~

  2. funny thing is, pink bikes and even those with flowers on the bars didn't appeal to me!! so weird, right!
    yes, definitely need to take the babies out on bike rides!

  3. heh~ now u just need a field of dandelions =)


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