Wednesday, July 23, 2008

my friend, teh tarek!

hung out with danyi last evening over a hearty dinner of pasta and lemon sorbet..

me and her go a long way back. we're the two most unlikely friends. she who cleans up the bathroom and wipes it dry after each use versus me, a complete mess, who refuses to remove her stage makeup before bed (i must defend myself here because.. it means i get ready the next morning super fast!) she spends 90% of the time packing and me, i throw two weeks worth of clothes randomly into my bulging luggage bag and try to sit on it to lock it up! ;) she is the most loyal friend but i was urm.. quick to change my mind. she was kind and soft-spoken, i was very sharp, calculative and very loud. which is probably why we get allocated to be roomies ever so often.. maybe we balance off each other's energies and take care of each other. (and get on each other's nerves on countless occasions..)

has been a while since we have properly caught up.. and sometimes its hard to ask someone "how are you actually doing?" in bigger groups and get a honest and satisfying answer. but im glad we did. plus, we've been meaning to meet since 8 months ago.

but am glad that lovely girl is taking a brave step! but with so much grace and ever so kind and giving..  sometimes it just takes a quiet evening to learn a humble lesson.

just for old times' sake...(and a few giggles)

hiao makeover pictures we took when we were 18!!! (trust me, you don't wanna see the milkmaid, geisha, SQ girls and leather thugs outfits.. HILARIOUS!)

dressed up at grand copthorne hotel.. (ah!! i had scary fangs!!)

posing in Forever 21, Newport News when she visited me in the States! :) how classy...

lovely lovely memories! i always have a ball of time in her presence!!

and like we used to proclaim ever so loudly when we go home!

"love you deep deep, girlie!"


  1. hey girl, i think she needs a lot of encouragement from friends like us now. so do meet up with her often when u can k? Time will heal everything.
    anyway, this aug des performance u wanna watch together? ask jiawei and jaiying also.. although i think jiaying will be at back stage again.. hee..
    ah leng

  2. i know! :)
    yes please! would you like to watch the afternoon shot or the evening? if we do the afternoon, at 3pm, we can chill out for coffee afterwhich! thoughts?
    love u heaps as well..


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