Wednesday, July 30, 2008

the dark knight..

despite feeling extremely tired after a crazy saturday wedding, my lazy arse got dragged out of bed. it was supposed to be a classic and i, risking bad karma, was sceptical if heath ledger's role was really that amazing or was the whole world raving about it just cos that poor dude died. so i had to find out for myself.


but the storyline was amazing, non-stop action that kept me awake and gripping to the edge of my seat for hours! (and that said a lot..) but these were a few things that struck me:

1) maggie gyllenhaal: ya, i expected more from the love interest of batman & harvey
2) how amazing the joker's plans were! (and how he got from point A to B so fast andeven had time to touch up his make up!) - i wish i had that talent, im always running around frazzled, flustered and perplexed..)
3) batman had this throaty breathless voice that sent shivers down my spine..
4) why there were kids in the cinemas watching the movie..
5) yes, heath did a great job (and i did like him in brokeback mountain more..) but with the make up and all, i think there are other actors that could have done an equally good or better job.

ya. i think (4) was by far the most disturbing thing. there were toddlers wailing, kids fidgeting, children running around going to multiple bathroom breaks.. what were their parents thinking?? i was disturbed by the images and had difficulties following the plot at some parts. what more lil ones like them!? how odd!

and daniel was particularly inspired to buy a company like wayne industries so he can fall asleep at work, send his secretary running around to design new suits and dedicate an entire department to R&D of his gadgets and wheels! i reckon that would be perfect but i sure hope he doesn't fancy the "taking the entire russian ballet company to sea on a private yacht" part.. ;)


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