Wednesday, June 4, 2008

wedding day...

there's always time to have fun! ;) 

me and germaine fooling around in the nursery where the kids buffet was set up! ;) it was a great and easy wedding with very thoughtful gifts for everyone. i appreciate lovely brides that don't feel like the day is ALL about HER! 

on a separate note, i was going to upload a whole bunch of wedding day pikkies until my livejournal said i have maxed out the storage allowance in my 'free' account! meaning i'd have to pay up if i wanna continue uploading pictures right? 

ok, i don't really mind forking out and paying for paid membership but seriously, the photo allowance is the only thing that would interest me! im such a doofus that i won't be able to personalize my page or use any of the other functions! in fact i think i only have/use ONE userpic!! 

do all you guys have paid accounts already?


  1. why dont you use photobucket or flickr for pictures? its very easy to tag using html. photobucket prepares it for you even. this way, you dont have to upgrade to a paid acc.

  2. what did i do to deserve such smart friends! ;)
    thanks for the tip, babe!


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