Tuesday, June 17, 2008

updates on the cheng family vacation..

this is my mom. she is amazing. (evidently, bro doesn't feel likewise..) she just got herself onto facebook and added me as a friend. -_-

as i sit in the freezing cold office trying to clear my weekend backlog of emails, they frolick in the russian sun, sending me emails about their first parisian meal and asking for random phrases of french! *sigh* and here are their vacation pictures.

i am jealous..

mostly from the great company and the fun they are having.. im sure i will visit these places someday but it would never be the same..

having fun on the park bench! my dad is the resident photographer.. so i hardly catch a glimspe of his face..

boys will always be boys!

didi looking like he is wearing a toupee and mom trying to hide from the sun. ah! a classic indeed...

come back already will ya? hope you got me heaps of neat thingies!


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