Friday, June 6, 2008

sunday out with the kransky sisters

spend a lazy sunday afternoon enjoying the kransky sisters with dick and daniel.. and i loved it! ;) the stories, their dead-pan humour, the quirky behavior, their own rendition of popular tunes... i was initially was wierded out by their promo pictures and sound clips but very glad that we gave them a go! they were awesome. you can read more bout their gig here! their tickets sold like hotcakes here! both evenings were sold out so we had to settle for a matinee show.. it was held in the Esplanade Recital Studio so a small intimate space with a cosy setting, perfect for comedy!!

they were outside the recital studio signing autographs on tea towels and cds.. and just seeing them up close sent chills down my spine!

scary but hilarious! ;)

after the show, we found ourselves with a tiny pocket of time with nothing planned. so we had a wander-round and decided to stop for a cuppa tea! and i thought of V Tea Room! which is now called Cookie Musuem with a selection of the weirdest cookies! (ikan bilis, nasi lemak, belachan, english lavender with sage.. ) what happened to good ole chocolate chip with macadamia nuts??

but the Royal Trolley Service was delightful and the place was very quaint and charming! and the pink tea cups!! oh so pretty!! one day i wanna own pretty tea cups and serve fancy teas in my garden (if i ever can afford a place with a garden..) i loved the little corners with massive dramatic plush chairs.. catapulted me back to england sipping tea and savouring teacakes on tiered stands with rashers!! i had some cranberry infused tea and daniel tried their vanilla toffee tea! both delicious and we just sat back and watch the world go by... the past week has left us feeling rather beaten up, so it was lovely to be able to sit back and breath.

quaint old menus and a funny little boy who took over daniel's seat!

smiley us! :)

p.s. i love my orange dress! its such a cheery colour. i got it from gg>5 on sale! its in super soft cotten so it was like walking out of your home in an oversized tee-shirt, except its completely backless!! tee hee.. comfy with a slutty twist!! totally me!!

then we walked to marina to pick up a cocktail dress from topshop (!) in pale yellow for daniel's cousin's wedding.. it really really pretty and frilly so we can swish and dance in it.. (now that i can wear colors, all hell broke loose.. now i have so many options in clothes!! weehee!) so now im toying between silver pumps or gold sandals and accessories to complete the outfit! and he got more of the travel nylon shoe bags he loves and hurried out of MS before we both start shopping for real. we're quite a scary pair.. we're literally unstoppable...

had fajitas, virgin margeritas by singapore river at iguana cafe and headed home for a quiet evening..

i love sundays like that.


  1. sounds like a very sweet lazy day out :)

  2. The Kransky Sisters look so SCARY! I think the word "scary" is not quite even it for me to describe them!
    Anyway! I din know V tea room is now called cookie musuem. shows how long i havent been there!
    and the way you describe your dress.. im sure you look beri sexy that evening!! should have taken a pic of the back to show and let us drool over it! lucky daniel. ;p
    Lastly, i love your couple pic as usual. :)

  3. Odd & creepy.. their make up was weird up close too. you should visit the cookie musuem again!! its such a neat place! i love it so much..
    thanks hon! ;)

  4. hi eileen! ;) havent hear from you in ages! how have you been!


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