Wednesday, June 18, 2008

something huge, something tasty and anything but indian

those are our guidelines for this weekend's party and we are cracking out brains to think of something fun and easy to make for a dinner party with qian and suman...

so this is the party plan, they will come round late afternoon, have a round of drinks, a splash-around and make dinner together. so it should do something we're fairly confident of and simple. better if we can prep it in advance.. *scratches head* but what?

we're thinking of mexican fajitas, japanese or lasagne..

and should i go with a yellow and green theme? then i can do sunflowers or yellow tulips...


  1. mm...sounds cool~ u cld use pandan leaves to boil water (if u dun have a yummy drink already) it a light tinge of green and a pandan-y taste. mum says it's good for health also=)

  2. phibo ask your mummy! how many minutes?? haha i can so see my water turning cloudy with greenish muck! :)

  3. babes~ mum says she juz dumps it into the boiler and it lasts for the entire day. she warns tt some ppl might not like the taste though~ alternative: lime juice? lemonade?

  4. yeah.. im sorta getting lazy wth the color theme.. ah well!! i have yellow napkins n flowers tho..


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