Tuesday, June 24, 2008


i know its a tough job. and im definitely not up to it.. BUT that doesn't keep me from having my opinions.

we just hung out with my nephew, daylon, last saturday and had him in the car with us. he is completely adorable, wide-eyed and chubby toddler aged 2! at that young age, he has an amazing talent -  identifying car! not just the vehicle type or the sounds but the actual brands! so throughout the car ride, him and his popo were having fun spotting cars on the roads! he spotted mitsubitshi (he says "mishimishi" haha..), fiat, toyota, subaru, mercedes, lexus, BMW and all the fancy sounding brands all from the little car logo in a matter of seconds! and he can identify the "toyota rush" (which his ee-poh, my mom, drives..) amazing ya?

daniel had a swell time driving behind fancy cars, pointing them out to the poor toddler, demanding "how about this one!" hehe...

very fun and fancy! but at the same time, doesn't it just show you what his parents appreciate/value in life?

won't you want to teach your child about kindness, friendship, affection and all that wonderful things first? how about the alphabet, animal sounds, flowers and all that fun stuff that we grew up learning?

and a couple more amazing parents we met/encountered in the last week:
1) my boss on the phone with her friend asking "whats the longest word your daughter can say?"
2) my darl's australian boss has two young children who only speak khmer..
3) another english partner who watches "scream 4" with his 5 yo.. (i cant even stomach horror movies now..)

ahh.. parents!

anyway, the next time i hang out with daylon, i'll teach him how to say "ma-se-ra-ti". you gotta know the best right?


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