Wednesday, June 25, 2008

inspiration for the mind..

"Never lose sight of the fact that this one day is actually a celebration of your choice to celebrate every day of your lives together."
- Marina Birch, Birch Design Studio.

so in that case, your wedding should be a reflection of how you and love share your lives together. so some of the questions every bride and groom should question themselves:

1) how do you celebrate daily life pleasures? (incorporate elements of that into your wedding)
2) what are your favorite flowers?
3) how does/will your home look?
4) what are the qualities both of you value?
5) whats important to your families (keeping in mind its a marriage of two different families..)
6) what do you enjoy as a couple (this helps conceptualize your themes)
7) what will your wedding guests enjoy (you show your genuine appreciation for your guests by including them in the celebration, in food, activities or in personalized favors)

just some personal thoughts.. sometimes working everyday on the same fun thing takes the fun out of it !


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