Thursday, June 19, 2008

how odd. we have so many sleep/dream-related stories.. mostly dumb and silly.

some nights ago, i told him not to get beaten up in jail.

a few months back, he woke me up whining about his "sweaty and yucky" job and till today, we find it a very apt and accurate description of work in general.

last night, daniel was telling one of his very very very lengthy stories (very typical of daniel to go into heaps of detail and get sidetracked) about cycling to the tip of japan on his bike for a vacation a few years back when i dozed off (very typical as well..) and was woken up to poor daniel telling me "you drifted off... you wanna know how i knew? you kept quiet when i told you about the portable porn machine by the road!" and then i properly woke up.. !! *sigh*

but, every morning we wake up and share a little story, some reflecting our inner thoughts, some plain dumb and some quite scarily similar to real life. but the end of it all we wake up to child-like dreams and share a giggle or cuddle up when we had traumatic ones, it all ends well when we roll out of bed and know that with each other around, there is pretty much nothing we cant do. it almost makes me feel like a superhero ready to rule the world! and that little boost of encouragement, i like that very much!


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