Tuesday, June 24, 2008

a dab of yellow.

we had some friends over for dinner last night. and had huge plans, fancy gourmet dishes and decorating ideas but decided to heed the advice of Gorden Ramsey ""However amazing a dish looks, it is always the taste that lingers in your memory." simple but wise words to heed in home entertaining so we stuck to daniel's delicious salami pasta, his tried and tested yummy one-pot wonder!

we had a little splash-around before dinner, then all lounged around with wine and canapes!

have always been fascinated with this pompom flowers ever since we started going to marmalade pantry! (they use white ones!) they are very nice to squeeze!! and bounce right back in shape! so when we decided on a cheery yellow theme, they were an obvious choice!

yes, our friends are special..

now a proper picture of us all! :)

now our fridge is full of awfully choc banana cake, japanese desserts and way to many bottles of chilled wine!! im not complaining!!


  1. ur photographer/camera is good! and whee to the pompom flowers!!! what r they called?

  2. teehee! :) i'll let daniel know!
    they are called dahlia! they come in pinks, whites and greens as well! cute right?

  3. yeah!!! i think they're truly v marmalade pantry. always see them at the raffles place outlet and they look so in-place! use the pink ones some day girl! me wanna see =)

  4. teehee!! yeah i like the pink ones and will definitely try to do something with them!
    so many flowers to play with.. so little time!


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