Monday, June 2, 2008

bintan triathlon 2008

spend a sunny day in bintan last saturday week with daniel for his race. we woke up super early on saturday and hopped on the 7:30am ferry to bintan. or as daniel calls it, our cruise ship! (while yingjie is cruising the alaskan ocean on her romantic cruise getaway... *sigh*) heaven knows why we needed to be there so early for a 2pm race!

spent couple of hours mucking around, walking around the resort, attended the visually scary race briefing. im such a wuss, if i were to be racing, that would be when i chicken out with all the talk about heat injuries, broken bones, bike accidents.. woah!

the race went very well, i used to find it odd that people would sit around and do nothing but now i have my 'race day' act all figured out. with the route map, i can figure out how and when i can catch little videos and pictures of the boy and his friends in action, then i bring a magazine or some crafty things to work on in between and according to estimated end time, i position myself in shady comforts of coconut trees, armed with camera ready to catch the finish! easy peasy and a very relaxing way to idle the afternoon away. deaf calls me a "WAG" haha.. i'd like to think im turning into quite the professional! ;)

now, how to convince daniel to race in pink.. *scratches head*


  1. Looking good as always girl! you two really make a handsome couple!! :)

  2. thanks sweetie! ;)
    p.s. i think i saw you at raffles city the other day..

  3. Ohhh really?? was it a weekday? I must have looked horrible. been strutting about with no make-up and shabby clothes nowadays!
    You should have called me or something! im sure you would have brighten up my day a whole lot!! :D

  4. oh gosh. The person looks horrid in pink in this manner.

  5. haha! very true.. but super easy to spot!
    you have no clue how many pictures of took of random strangers just cos they were in the same color combi as my boyfriend!!

  6. yes in fact, it was a weekend!
    haha.. i didn't call out to you cos i had no make up and had shabby clothes on as well!! so vain! ;)
    p.s. no, you were dressed up and looking gorgeous!

  7. Ohh weekend?? can't remember when that might be, since my workplace is so near Raffles city, I'm always there on weekdays. Sick of RC already.. =p
    Still, with no make-up, im sure you were still looking gorgeous! just that smile of yours would have brighten anyone's day! :D


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